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We have exciting news!

- Our dear Puerto Rico Resilience Fund leaders Irene Vilar, Tara Rodriguez Besosa and Jonathan Cintron have been working with the EcoBus Solidarity Brigadas in Puerto Rico. Last week not only did the Fund was at work in the barrios of Puerta de Tierra and La Perla in San Juan, but Irene and Tara met with San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. 

- After the first Brigada Solidaria at the Finca Agroecológica Comunitaria Don Luis the brigades have visited four more sites:  El Cotto, Puerta de Tierra, La Perla and Toa Baja.

- At Puerta de Tierra we supported the extraordinary work of Jesus Bubu Negron y Brigada PDT (community led initiative that recently won the Visible Award) We helped create a Community Hub anchored in a nursery, urban garden, and cultural space to screen films and congregate communities to foster environmental leadership through workshops and the caring of the space
The Brigada Solidaria removed 258 XL black bags of contaminated soil. Classified different debri material such us ceramic tiles, cement blocks, plastic and organics material to reuse and recycle these materials. Built a gravel seating area, a path, and a stage with recycled debri. Planted 48 small trees and plants for the nursery. Built a 24 feet planter for medicinal herbs and movable fence behind the planter to contain the space.
- We want to thank the amazing VERO VERO she always had delicious food ready for us after hard days of work.

- La Perla, a historically underserved community, is where we chose to establish the seed bank. We want to help empower this community as they become the seed keepers of San Juan and beyond. We created a seed bank for the RESILIENCE FUND and expanded the existing nursery. 

We categorized 300 pounds of seeds (8+ million seeds) that came in from our worldwide call for seeds (seeds came in from 24 countries). We separated the seeds to distribute  to la Guagua Solidaria's farms and to schools with nurseries and gardens. Over the weekend we focused on seeds for food consumption that can yield crops quickly and this week we will be focusing on endemic and naturalized tree species that are resilient enough for La Perla's harsh and unique coastal terrain. Our efforts at La Perla combine food immediacy and local thriving reforestation.
- Toa Baja Guagua Solidarity brigade was sent to support the creation of two murals celebrating mother earth and a nursery. That amazing work was led by a new AFC+A/Fondo de Resiliencia partner on the ground, Artist and Community organizer Malcolm Ferrer, from Centro Comunal de Villas del Sol. Twenty-five community volunteers helped to create the mural and work in the nursery.

Weekly Cronicas

Esta Semana Silverio nos inspira con la cronica Una Navidad Diferente

"En todo nacimiento, el dolor precede la alegría. En todo nacimiento comienza una nueva vida. En todo nacimiento hay un antes y un después, un pasado y un momento presente que presagia un futuro. Hoy más que nunca, después de la devastación causada por un fenómeno natural, nuestro país, reducido a un pesebre si lo comparamos con la vitrina de luces y adornos en la que vivíamos, tiene la oportunidad de ese renacimiento, de hacer suyo el verdadero misterio que encierra la Navidad."

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Mexico (MX) & Puerto Rico (PR) 
Resilience Fund

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Our Little Heroes with a Giant Heart

Elementary students from DCIS at Fairmont, a title 1 school in Denver, CO, wanted to help people in need, affected by the natural disasters: Hurricane Harvey, Earthquake in Mexico City and Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Student Ambassadors asked teachers and school administrators for help to create disaster and relief fund awareness and collect donations at school. The school community was invited to dress up as a super or community Hero for one day instead of their school uniform and donate $2 (or more) to help Mexico and Puerto Rico disaster victims.
The school decided to disperse the funds raised by students to AFC+A’s Mx and PR Resilience Fund because “its seemed a perfect fit for the cause” and on top of that, DCIS 4thgrade teachers, students and families have benefited from AFC+A’s youth programming: art activations, Every Kid in the Park pass distributions, #DescubreElBosque Bio Blitz and #DiscoverMiTierra Museum Passports and transportation grants to bring students closer to nature during the past 2 years
DCIS at Fairmont donated $820.23
to the 24 weeks Mexico/ Puerto Rico Resilience Fund!

La Guagua Solidaria Needs Your Support!

Thank you for all the grassroots support so far, in only one month we have achieved:

4 Brigadas
2 Community restoration efforts
1 Seed Bank
1 Rainwater collection system installed
More than 30 000 pounds of debris removed or reused
More than 300 pounds of seeds sorted & categorized

In the process our efforts are building an admirable coalition of community leaders!

But this is a 24 months commitment with the Fondo de Resiliencia and La Guagua Solidaria, and so we need your tax exempt support now to take this impactful work into 2018 and beyond 

Thanks to all our partners!

Being a partner means amplifying the efforts in your networks, encouraging your constituencies to engage, and staying with us for the full 24 months push!

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